Kinshoku Manufacturing Process

  • 1.Making the Culture-medium Blending sawdust of woods considered to be the sacred-trees from the ancient times, with rice-bran and unhulled-rice, and also water and α-water to make the perfect culture-medium for basidiomycetous-mycelia.
  • "Making of Culture-medium" moving-image here
  • 2.Sterilization 〈Square Horizontal type Autoclave〉(High-pressure-Sterilization-Equipment) sterilize the culture-medium. Then in the cooling-room, culture-medium is cooled to the normal temperature suitable for “Seed-fungi Inoculation.”
  • 3.Fungi Inoculation In the Fungi-inoculation-room where the clean environment is maintained by air-conditioning and germicidal lamp,〈Clean Bench〉(Germfree Worktable) is installed, and the seed-fungi are inoculated in the germfree environment.
  • 4.Cultivation Taking several months of cultivation period to nurture the Life-energy of fungus to reach its highest, by maintaining the cultivation environment adjusting temperature and humidity. At the very end, by giving low-temperature shock, the vital-force of fungus is heightened by the fear of death.
  • 5.Extraction Extract the valuable ingredients of mycelium (Just before fruiting-body comes out from the medium) having its Life-energy at the highest. Scrape out the mycelia and extract undiluted solution of Kinshoku by Void-Space Manufacturing-Equipment.
  • "Preparation for Extraction" moving-image here
Void-Space Manufacturing-Method:
Crushing Mycelia in the specific-vacuum-state adjusted to the high-low temperature.
  • 6.Concentration It is the process of concentrating extracted Kinshoku-undiluted-solution in evacuated〈Spinning Cone Centrifugal Thin-film Vacuum Evaporator〉. By centrifugal-force, thin layer of undiluted-solution is formed on the revolving-disk inside. And by low-temperature-boiling, instantaneously it is highly concentrated.
    (Photo is Kinshoku-undiluted-solution before concentration.)
  • 7.Freeze-drying It is the process of drying concentrated-undiluted-solution. By 〈Lyophilizer (Vacuum Freeze Dryer,〉we have adopted highly advanced manufacturing-method of drying the frozen concentrated-undiluted-solution by sublimating the water in the vacuum. By this method, higher quality and higher level of food processing is realized.
  • 8.Pulverization・Blending Pulverizing vacuum・freeze-dried crystallized-Kinshoku, are put through a shifter to make it further smooth and minute powder. Then, to further homogenize it, blend it by using V-type-Blender and W-type Blender.
  • 9.Tablet Compression By high-speed rotary-tableting-machine, minute powder is compressed into tablets using high-precision mortar and pestle.
  • 10.Filling・Product completed Products are completed with one by one handworks.