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2019/02/09vol.2 Life-power of Culture-medium

Raw Materials of Culture-medium, such as
Sawdust and Unhulled-rice

  This time, I would like to introduce the starting process, making the culture-medium. Culture-medium is combined for mycelia to grow comfortably, by restoring what might have been the earth in ancient times. Bottling this culture-medium, and it becomes the cradle of mycelia.
  There are several kinds of raw materials such as sawdust and unhulled-rice. Among them there are varieties of woods treasured as deriving from the sacred-tree ever since the ancient times. When I see them slowly being blended, I have sensed the superimposed image of the purified new earth expanding under the decayed-sea of the movie [Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind]. There is a vital-breath of life. I was lead to realize again the solid Mother Earth and the planet Mother Earth, already possessed the energy and mysterious magnanimity sufficient to nurture life before the life is rooted.
  I will introduce the succeeding process step by step, please look forward to it.

Scene of blending by culture-medium mixer   
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