Message from President:Contemplate the Enterprise Foundation

I have named my Energy-theory sustaining the origin of human life as “Philosophy of Absolute-Negative” and fervently forwarded my research studies. And as for the physical function to build up the Life-energy and Body to sustain this philosophy, I have been developing “Kinshoku (Fungi-food) Theory” born from my Fungi-enzyme studies. I have founded this enterprise to contribute to this “Absolute-Negative” and “Kinshoku” culture. And there, I must further sacrifice my entire remaining life devotedly. If not, the soul of this new factory no doubt shall cry in lament. I think I must sacrifice my life to be the spiritual-soul of this new factory. By doing so, I believe that it shall contribute to the development of this enterprise, and this enterprise development shall without doubt serve others and the country of Japan. Hereafter, I am determined to commit all of my strength to my given life and my mission, no matter how weak and aged I become. I wish to manifest my resolution to live through the philosophy of Absolute-Negative to the day of my death. I, being one Japanese man and the founder of this enterprise, am once again affirming myself to devotedly sacrifice my life, to the philosophy and the enterprise I have established to the day of my death.

Now, for this sake, I am having “Dialogue,” using my full energy, with the late Tamura Ryuichi, a poet of revolution whom I highly esteem. I am continuously contemplating by accepting the soul of the poet. And hereafter, I am once again throwing myself into the fountainhead of the Aspiration of the Enterprise Foundation. For this sake, firstly, “I do not seek for Happiness.” I am determined to do so until I die. Precisely for this reason, I consider, I could comprehend the truth of happiness. This exactly shall establish the substratum of this enterprise. Next, “I shall not seek for Success.” Precisely for this reason, I think I could attain to be a human who could essentially take delight in the success of others from bottom of my heart.

Thirdly, “I do not seek for Love.” Is it not possible to truly love others and the country, unless one truly abandons love for own-self ? I think as such. And fourthly, “I do not seek for Rest.” It is my mission to continue sacrificing my life for “the Aspiration of the Enterprise Foundation” until the day of my death. Perhaps, death shall be my true rest. Fifthly, “I do not seek for Good Health and Longevity.” It is a philosophical thought to admonish one’s own egoism. By restraining it, I may be able to return something to others and the country. I think as such. Lastly the sixth, “I do not demand my Right.” Security and right, and also stability weaken my Life-energy. By totally abandoning them, I must sacrifice everything to others and the country.

I have vowed to myself that I shall live as such, until the flame of my life burns itself out. I wish to declare my oath anew on this celebration day. And may this oath becomes the Spiritual-soul of this new factory. I pray as such. The words of Tamura Ryuichi are now pouring over my Aspiration of the Enterprise Foundation. “The world, in which humans cannot Die, cannot Live either.” Thus says the poet to myself. I also think the same. My enterprise is to create the world for humans to truly live. That is, the world in which humans could truly die. And the poet continues. “Our Graves are not on the Earth, there are no Graves to consign our bodies on the Earth,” he is crying out. The poet expresses the present world as such.

The poet and I, both of us together, had hearty talk to devotedly sacrifice our own lives, for the sake of the origin of life. I am so delighted with this fortuitous encounter. I wish to convey this to you all. I am solidifying my Aspiration of the Enterprise Foundation once again now. It is the faith of “Our enterprise is aiming to be the Grave-post for humans to righteously Die.” I wish to define this enterprise, as the final settlement of the 35 years of the Enterprise Foundation as such. I think that my philosophical thought is the one for humans to righteously Die. And, Kinshoku enterprise is the methodology to create the body to live as such. This enterprise is the Grave-post born from the life of humans.

Nihon Seibutsu Kagaku Co., Ltd.
Nihon Kingaku Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.
Shigyo Sosyu, President

Excerpted from the message celebrating the completion of new factory, “Contemplate the Enterprise Foundation.” (Nov. 10, 2017)