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[Ikuru (To Live)] by Shigyo Sosyu, Dec.12, 2010, Kodansha Ltd.
What is “Inochi (Life)” ? — In this materialism prevailing perplexed modern times, this book quests for Choku (Straightforward) way of living. The author asserts, “I have written only what I fully comprehend even at this moment, which I have kept thinking from my elementary school days,” and this is the ultimate book of Practical Philosophy.
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[Tomo yo (Dear Friends)] by Shigyo Sosyu, Dec. 12, 2010, Kodansha Ltd.
Jewels of 45 verses shall regain the lost heart of the modern people. Shigyo Sosyu calls his favorite and cherished verses as his friends, and expresses his affection toward each verses in essays.
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[Kongen e (To the Origin)] by Shigyo Sosyu, Oct. 29, 2013, Kodansha Ltd.
By gathering the essence of Philosophy and Literature unrestrictedly and freely, it is a book conveying the importance of having a view of life and death that is “How should one Live and Die?” Fostered by his reading experiences starting from “Hagakure (Book compiled by Saga Bushi on Bushido)” which Shigyo Sosyu has read at the age of 7, and this superhumanly organic correlation of intelligence searches the human “Origin.”
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[Oh, Popoi ! – Return to the Days –] by Shigyo Sosyu, Mar. 22, 2017, PHP Institute
This book is compiled from the two years serialized interview articles of magazine [Rekishi tsu] (WAC Inc.), and half a lifetime, filled with riddles of the author “Shigyo Sosyu” is narrated.
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[Philosophy of “Akogare (Adoration)”] by Shigyo Sosyu, Feb. 3, 2017, PHP Institute, Inc.
In this book, author’s unique philosophical contemplation on the theme of “Akogare (Adoration)” is narrated. It is composed of 4 parts, “Revere the Verticality,” “Cherish the Irrationality,” “Live in Revolution,” and “Gobble the Books.” And the author contemplates, “Human is the being that Lives for the sake of Akogare (Adoration) and Dies for the sake of Akogare (Adoration),” and his eternal affection for “Akogare (Adoration)” is inscribed.
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[Seimei no Rinen (Identity of Life)] (Volume I・II) by Shigyo Sosyu, Jan. 8, 2017, Kodansha Editorial Ltd.
In this book, unique “Combustion of Life-energy” theory by various themes such as science, philosophy, living, art, and also the author’s contemplation of longstanding studies on the Cosmos・Life・Civilization are exhaustively narrated.
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[Kokou no Realism (Solitary Realism) – The Art of Toshima Yasumasa – ] by Shigyo Sosyu, contribution thesis by Professor Koike Hisako is recorded, Mar. 10, 2016, Kodansha Editorial Ltd.
Now is the time, the value of Toshima Art must be inquired. — It is a definitive edition introducing the artworks and the life of Toshima Yasumasa.
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[Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul)] Joint-authorship of Shimizu Katsuyoshi・Shigyo Sosyu, Jul. 1, 2015, East Press
“Choku (Straightfoward)” and outspoken dialogue between Shimizu Katsuyoshi, manager of unique bookstore “Dokusho-no-Susume (Encouragement on Book-reading)] and also called as Book-Sommelier, with Author・Shigyo Sosyu became a book.
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[Colloquey Kajitsu Retsuretsu (Summer Sun like the Blazing Fire, fervently impassioned Summer Days)— Hearty Talk of Two Souls—] by Shigyo Sosyu, Nov. 10, 2018, Kodansha Editorial Ltd.
It is a book covering an extensive colloquy between Sahori Nobuya, a current medical student of Kobe University School of Medicine, and Shigyo Sosyu. A young medical student, who has enthusiastically read Shigyo Sosyu’s literary works from 18years old, closes in on the quintessence of Shigyo philosophy, and also held a head-on hearty talk on the broad contents of literature, philosophy, religion, Life-theory and others are covered and it came out to be an ultimate colloquy book of 568 pages.
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[Colloquy Kaze no Kanata e (Beyond the Wind) – The Living-way of Zen and Bushido – ] Joint-authorship of Yokota Nanrei・Shigyo Sosyu, Dec. 25, 2018, PHP Institute
The chief priest Yokota Nanrei, the chief administrator of the Engaku-ji division of the Rinzai-sect of Buddhism, and Shigyo Sosyu profoundly talked together on the subject of “The Living-way of Zen and Bushido,” and on Zen, religion, philosophy and life from their continuous long-standing spiritual toughening experiences.
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[Higan-e (To the Sorrowful Prayer) —Matsushita Konosuke and Today—] by Shigyo Sosyu, Apr. 27, 2019, PHP Institute, Inc.
It is a book inquiring once again to the present world, “Higan (Sorrowful Prayer)” of Matsushita Konosuke, one human who built-up the postwar Japan yet died lamenting the future of Japan and closing in on the heart of the philosophical thought and the humane management of Matsushita Konosuke.
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[Gendai no Kosatsu (A Study of Actuality) —Live Solely by Own-self—] by Shigyo Sosyu, Dec. 24, 2019, PHP Institute, Inc.
Based on the lectures held at PHP Institute for over one year, which were 2 hours lecture and over 4 hours of questions and answers session every time・total of 6 lecture sessions are recorded, and it is a great literary work of 816 pages.
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[Yugoku no Geijyutsu (The Art of Passion)] by Shigyo Sosyu, Sep. 27, 2016, Kodansha Editorial Ltd.
It is a book introducing the writings expressing artistic-thought of Shigyo Sosyu, together with the artworks (numbers of color plates) of Shigyo Sosyu Collection. In Section One, interview articles serialized in the monthly opinion magazine [Seiron] titled “Yugoku no Geijyutsu (The Art of Passion),” in which the fundamental thought constituting Shigyo Sosyu Collection is narrated.
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[Rou ni Manabu (Learn in Old Age)] Joint authorship, May 30, 2016, HS Co., Ltd.
Here, the word “Rou (Old-age)” is grasped in the context embracing the query of “How to Age.” Five authors who are active in various circles speak on the aging of humans in their own unique viewpoints. As one of the authors, Shigyo Sosyu casts his thought of “Doku o Kurae (Eat the Poison)” as the antithesis to the presently prevailing erroneous concept of “Aging.”
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[Miyo Ginmaku ni (Mementos in the Cinema)] – Sosyu Recommended Cinemas–] by Shigyo Sosyu, Oct. 15, 2003, Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa
“Cinema is Human-life itself !” This is the very word to express Shigyo Sosyu’s affection for Cinema. He himself asks for consent on his “dogmatic and prejudiced” unique personal opinion, and his tremendous effort is dedicated to this cinema book.
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Supervision・Translation Supervision・Materials on Art

  • [Hiten (Sorrow of the Heavens)]–Collection of Poems, Apr. 27, 2017, Kodansha Editorial Ltd., written by Miura Giichi
  • [The Christ of Velázquez], Apr. 20, 2018, Hosei University Press
    Written by Miguel de Unamuno / Translation supervised by Shigyo Sosyu / Translated by Abe Misaki / Comment by Juan Masiá
  • [Philosophy of Passion–Unamuno and the Battle of “Life”], Jan. 30, 2018, Hosei University Press
    Written by Sasaki Takashi / Supervised by Shigyo Sosyu

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