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Shigyo Sosyu’s Health-Philosophy; MEGAHEALTH:  To spend one’s Life to Die Well. Continue Combusting to the Day of Death.

《Shigyo Mycelium Kou-strain (Shiitake-mushroom-Mycelium origin) Processed Food》

What is SANLEM? We have named, "All fungi and Enzyme-activated (fermentation and etc.) foodstuff” [KINSHOKU (Fungi-food)], and SANLEM is the product which embodies the [Philosophy of Food] adopted as the basis of all food. Specifically, by cultivating Life-energy of Shiitake-mushroom-mycelium origin Fungus to its highest level, and made it into the product SANLEM. And in the realm of nature, this Kinshoku activates the function of the intestinal bacteria in sorting out what is useful and what must be discarded, and it bears the central role in the most important [Reduction] in the modern diet.

Health View of Shigyo-Philosophy and SANLEM Our products are research-studied・manufactured・sold accordingly to Shigyo- philosophy, and aimed to be the food to assist to die by fully combusting one’s Life-energy, in short, to spend life to “Die well.” SANLEM is the product, which balances “The Body” being the spiritual caliber, to its original appropriate state, and assists the vital-force to combust further more from the basis. One human-being is made by one thousand trillions of bacteria existing in the intestines. Intestinal bacteria are the existence essential to combustion activities of Life-energy and might even control one’s life. Kinshoku, which assists these intestinal bacteria and other effective bacteria in the body, will recover the inherent power of the body and soul.

《Shigyo Mycelium Otsu-strain (Reishi-mushroom (Fomes japonicas) Mycelium Origin) Processed Food》

What is GIALEN? GAIALEN is same Kinshoku as SANLEM, but it is not Shiitake-mushroom, it is manufactured by cultivating Reishi-mushroom Mycelium origin fungi. SANLEM is effective for activation of whole “Body,” while GIALEN is a distinctive food, which approaches more to whole “Nerves.” Easing the stress of living in the modern society, and by assisting good sleep, and enhance the function of brain nerves which control intuitio・sensitivity, and it improves the function relating the human “Spirit.” SANLEM and GIALEN are complementing Kinshoku, and by taking both will further balance the body and spirit and will have a combined enhancing effect.

Kinshoku as the Spiritual Culture. Kinshoku, which contributes to Life-energy-Combustion activities, is the culture handed down in the civilized society from the ancient times. It is said that there is no race in the world which did not make “Sake (Alcoholic beverages),” and in the religious ceremony, there are always Kinshoku such as sacred-sake, bread and wine. “Life-energy-Combustion” of Shigyo-Philosophy, is as expressed in “Man shall not live by bread alone,” attaching importance in the spiritual activity. However, we have set our enterprise objective to activate “Body” first to support it. In the present consumption civilization, as the majority of Kinshoku is produced by forced-fermentation, and under such circumstances it is difficult to obtain superior-quality Kinshoku, cultivated taking sufficient time. We offer the best Kinshoku, by fusing “Devotion” of top-of-the-line machinery and human-power to acclimate to the present environment.

《Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral Oyster-shell Processed Food》

What is MERGEN? MERGEN is Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral food, and it is manufactured using oyster-shell containing abundance of alkaline minerals, mainly calcium, as its material. The body-fluid comprises 60% of human-body weight, and its major fluid, such as blood・lymph fluid, is similar to the mineral constituent of the ancient seawater, and a weak-alkaline is said to be the ideal. This body-fluid immersing 60 trillion cells of human-body, enables the absorption of oxygen・nutrients, and elimination of waste-products and Homeostasis of human-body is maintained.

The Antithesis to Oxidation-thought Because the present foods have been extremely acidified by food additives, chemical fertilizers, environmental pollution and such, and the body of the modern people is imbalanced. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, promoting the thinking-way of “Mass-production・Mass-consumption, which do not conform to Nature,” is Oxidation-thought. At present, as the result of valuing Oxidation-thought and loosing Reduction-thought, the foods, which could reduce the body and spirit, became extremely scarce. Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral, as well as Kinshoku, maintains the body and spirit to be able to work, based on Reduction-thought, and supporting humans to “Continuously Combust to the day of Death.” And MERGEN, is our unique product, being ionized by the specific manufacturing method, and by catalytic-action, it is made to be easily absorbed into the body.

《Bee-Pollen Processed Food (Raw material: Spanish origin)》

What is MEGA POLLEN? MEGA POLLEN is made from the world’s best quality Bee-Pollen gathered by bees, from the wildflower field remained ever since the ancient times in the historically distinct limited area of Spain. It is a perfect nutritional food, confirmed to contain over 70 effective nutrients, including 46 micro-essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, dietary fibers, polysaccharides, lipids. In Europe, Bee-pollen, as well as honey, has traditionally been taken as a perfect food for beauty and health from ancient times.

The Strength of Wildness and Life-energy. The greatest quality of MEGA POLLEN is in the point that it is the bee-pollen gathered by bees, from the perfectly wild flower field remained ever since the ancient times. Because they are wild bee-pollens, shapes are irregular and colors vary, and they are perfectly natural with no influence of agrochemicals. As they contain over 70 effective nutrients, nutrients work serially linking in the human body. For iron to function, zinc・copper is necessary, and zinc could only work linking with manganese. In the present time, the artificially made foods occupy the majority, MEGA POLLEN, having abundance of wild vital-force, together with Kinshoku・Mineral foods, is a powerful nutritional supplements to live through “The Life to Die Well” and “The Life Combusting to the day of Death.”

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