How to Take the Products

Intake of SANLEM・GIALEN [KINSHOKU (Fungi-food)]

KINSHOKU is classified in Shennong Ben Cao Jing (The Classic of Herbal Medicine), the original of Chinese herbal medicine as Jyobon (Noble Herbs), and they are defined as “Harmless to humans in continuous long-time use, and nourishes Life.” It is the food, which is safe to take without any concern of physical-constitution, medical-history or medicine-taking. In spite of written recommended intake-amount, there is no harmful effect in taking larger amount.


330 grains
Efficacies of both Tablets and Powder are the same, and the contents of KINSHOKU per one bottle is also the same.


Recommended daily intake-amount.
11 grains
2 attached level spoons
(※11 grains = 2 spoons powder)
SANLEM・GIALEN Tablet Package

How to Take

Because they are foodstuffs, there is no specific limit in taking them. It is possible to take the amount all at once, or divide it into several times a day. And it is also possible to take with other supplements, and even with medicines.
  • GIALEN Tablet
  • Tablets:
    It is possible to take with not only cold or hot water, but also with drinks you like, and even possible to chew them.
  • SANLEM Powder
    dissolved in water.
  • Powder:
    First of all, blend well with a small amount of water, and then add some more hot water or other warm drinks and it could be enjoyed as a beverage.


Both are KINSHOKU, and the characteristic of SANLEM is to approach mainly to whole “Body”, and GIALEN to whole “Nerves.” Taking of KINSHOKU activates internal bacteria, and vitality of body and soul is enhanced. And the detoxifications of internal wastes are promoted and the blood condition will be improved. Face color and transparency of the skin improves and regains healthy complexion.
  • In human body “Blood in 1 year, the Intestinal Organs in 3 years, and Bones in 7 years” are replaced from old cells to new cells. By taking sufficient KINSHOKU as a part of daily diet, vitality of the newly born cells is further enhanced.
  • SANLEM thoroughly balances the whole body, in comparison, GIALEN is KINSHOKU working upon the whole nerves, and it eases tension of nerves by stress, and easily supports the mental stability in daily life, and promotes good sleep.
  • The development of potential ability, such as concentration-power, sustaining-power, willpower, judgement-ability, intuitive-power, and forecast-ability will continuously improve, and it will link to the true development of ability as human.
SANLEM detailed information GIALEN detailed information

Intake of MERGEN

By taking KINSHOKU (SANLEM・GIALEN) together, they complement each other, and the power of KINSHOKU is strengthened and at the same time, the workings of Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral in the body are further activated.


330 grains
6g / Powder Large-bottle: 66g


It is possible to take not only with cold or warm water, but also with drinks you like, however, it is recommended not to chew them, but swallow them. The components of MERGEN are about 60% calcium, and iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese and others, which are essential micro-minerals for human body, are contained in good balance.
At present, because of the soil and other environmental pollutions, and the foods becoming to be the industrial products, numerous extremely acidified-foods are occupying, taking MERGEN as a part of daily diet adjusts the body-fluid (Blood・lymph-fluid and others) of the whole body, which is 60% of body-weight, to weak-alkalinity. By this, 60 trillion cells of the whole body will be able to smoothly keep homeostasis, and maintain truly healthy conditions. It is essential to adjust the body-fluid to weak-alkalinity, in order to improve transmission ability of nerve-cells, and speedily calming down the excited nerves.

Intake of Tablets

Recommended daily intake.
11〜33 grains per day are recommended.
MERGEN Tablet (Left) ・ Powder (Right) Package MERGEN Tablet (Left)・Powder ( Right) Bottles

How to use Powder

By using suitable amount, it is possible to reduce the effect of chlorine and organic toxic substances in the tap-water, and change to healthy mild water, therefore it is possible to utilize not only for drinks but also for wide ranges of cooking.

It is easy to carry, and it is recommended to sprinkle a minute quantity in drinks anywhere out of home.

Since ancient times, “Salt” has been used for purification, and MERGEN could be used for same purpose. Most of salts available at present, are “NaCl” produced by chemical salt manufacturing methods, and its purification effects are being reduced.
MERGEN is manufactured using natural oyster-shell by calcination process of our unique method, and it is substantially the best alkaline mineral. And by the special manufacturing method, we have created a minute-grain having hollow-structure in molecule level. And by this, each one of the minute-grain capsulates the energy to adjust cells and nerves.

MERGEN Tablet・Powder
  • In present society, as the electrical appliances and IT devices are overflowing in all of our environment, we are being exposed to the invisible threat of electromagnetic waves, by utilizing MERGEN Powder, it is possible to reduce the harmful effect of electromagnetic waves. We are introducing the use of spraying MERGEN water solution, as well as the bath-additives and other numerous specific examples.
  • Powder Large-bottle is convenient for soil improvement and other large amount use.
MERGEN Detailed Information


MEGA POLLEN is made from importing the world’s best quality Bee-Pollen collected in the historically distinct area of Spain.
Bee Pollen, collected from the wild flower fields covered with a riotous profusion of flowers such as cistus and others remained since the ancient times, are safe without the harmful effect of agrochemicals and also the power of wildness still remains alive intact.
In manufacturing KINSHOKU, it is processed by the long-standing technology of Void-Space Manufacturing-method, and the product has resulted with further excellent digestive-power・absorptive-power.


Bottled Granules: 120g

How to take

Daily recommended amount.
Wildflower fields (Spain) where the raw material of
MEGA POLLEN is collected.
  • Daily recommended-amount is 1~2 attached spoons. Taking the recommended-amount will supplement the deficiency of daily nutrients. There is no harmful effect in taking larger amount.
  • It could be taken by directly putting MEGA POLLEN in your mouth. Please enjoy the taste of natural sweet flavor and rich fruity aroma.
  • The effect is the same taken with drinks. And please enjoy by mixing with yogurt, ice cream and salads and that could even enhance the flavor.


It rightfully contains all 46 essential nutrients, and numerous minute-useful-nutrients and total of over 70 kinds are confirmed. Nutrients cannot work by itself, and numbers of nutrients work together in the body. Iron works together with magnesium, zinc, copper, and calcium functions linking with sulfur, magnesium, vitamin D.
By taking MEGA POLLEN daily, nutrients work effectively, and vitality and health will be promoted. In Europe, ever since the ancient times bee-pollen is said to be the “Perfect Food,” and habitually taken for Health and Beauty.

Hormonal metabolism improves, and as the result, color and luster of the skin shines and vitality overflows and rejuvenates.

  • It excels in antioxidant-effect (active-oxygen removing effect), and suppresses and reduces rusting of cells, therefore the transparency of skin improves, and complexion is enhanced. By taking together with KINSHOKU, mutual complements and synergic-effects are being created. ※Printed Academic Thesis : INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE 15:256-263,2005
  • Because it promotes the bone-formation, it is the best for the prevention of osteoporosis. Taking together with MERGEN (Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral) will further improve the bone conditions. ※Academic Thesis Printed : Journal of Health Science, 52 (5) 607-612, 2006
MEGA POLLEN Detailed Information