Progress of Research-studies, Installation of New Machineries

 Since the foundation in 1984, Shigyo Sosyu has unceasingly maintained the studies of Mycology, and the quality of the products is continuously enhanced. And whenever the product is ready he always tastes it himself, and only the ones enhanced in quality is commercialized.
 Research-study・Manufacture・Sales are all penetrated by Shigyo-philosophy and this attitude is invariable from the past to the present. Photograph below was taken about thirty years ago, and Shigyo Sosyu around forty years old studying Fungi.

Shigyo Sosyu, forty years old in 1999, in Fujioka Factory.

Evaporator (Spinning Cone Centrifugal Thin-film Vacuum Evaporator). This manufacturing-method, which highly-concentrates Kinshoku-undiluted-solution, in short-time by cold-boiling in the vacuum, has made a great quality improvement possible. (Photo below)

〈Lyophilizer (Vacuum Freeze Dryer)〉has realized a high-level manufacturing-method of drying the frozen concentrated undiluted-solution, by sublimating water in vacuum.(Photo below)

By the installation of new tablet-machine (Photo below left), the tableting level which has been done in-house since the beginning of the foundation, has improved both in quality・quantity. And as Void-Space Manufacturing Equipment (Photo below right) also has high-efficiency・Mass-capacity, the extracted substances of mycelia has improved tremendously.

Soil and Water used to manufacture Kinshoku・Mineral foods.

Medium to cultivate SANLEM・GIALEN is made by blending several kinds of sawdust, which are consider to be the sacred-tree from the ancient times. And with this sawdust, rice-bran and unhulled-rice made by the traditional process, and water and α-water are mixed, then the cultivate-medium is completed. By the soil reproducing the ancient environment, the ancient primeval Shiitake-fungus having primitive tough power is resuscitated, and its mycelium is continuously inherited in the present products.

In manufacturing Kinshoku・Mineral foods, what is indispensable is α-water and β-water. These waters are made by unique method, and α-water has cell activating function, and β-water has anti-irreversible function. α-water is used to prepare culture-medium in the manufacturing-process of Kinshoku, and in the extraction stage, it is the indispensable water for Void-Space Manufacturing-Method. In manufacturing Mineral-processed-food MERGEN, at the stage of making powder for the basis of MERGEN from oyster-shell, both α and β-water are used in the process of activating the inherent Life-energy of oyster.


MERGEN Manufacturing Process〈Ionic-Enzymatic-Mineral Oyster-shell Processed Food〉

  • Oyster-shell-powder, which is specifically pulverized oyster-shell, is specifically treated by soaking in α-water for several days.
  • Oyster-shell-powder is processed by low-temperature-calcination, and then in phases, by high-temperature-calcination.
  • After specifically treated by β-water, and ionized, it is processed to Water-soluble-Mineral by the catalytic action of enzyme.

Raw Material of MEGA POLLEN〈Bee-Pollen Processed Food (Raw Material: Spain)〉

We have imported the world’s best quality Bee-Pollen as the raw material, which honey-bees gathered from the wild flowers (such as Cistus) growing in the area where the natural flower-fields remained ever since the ancient times in Spain, and processed them for effective absorption by Void-Space Manufacturing-Method. Bee-Pollen gathered from various flowers is full of variety of colors such as yellow, reddish-brown and purple.