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2021/10/12Vol.61 Omiya-mairi of my daughter.

Daughter 2-months-old, son 1-year-8-months-old. At Omiya-mairi (taking one’s baby to a shrine to pray for blessing) of my daughter.

 The other day, we went to Omiya-mairi of my daughter. I was profoundly impressed by the purified sacredness of the prayer space.

 At the time of my son, as he was our first child, we have precisely followed the time schedule of the traditional Omiya-mairi (auspicious day of 1-month after birth). This time, however, we have delayed the day slightly later. In the Imperial Family Ceremony (Ceremony to be presented to Kashikodokoro Koreiden Shinden) which corresponds to Omiya-mairi, the ceremony is traditionary performed 50 days after birth. And in recent years, in many cases, families choose their own good day and it will be held even in later days. By choosing the day which we could visit the shrine lightheartedly without being overstrained, I think we were able to make a good memory.

 My daughter is steadily increasing her weight every day and becoming a chubby baby figure. I hope she will grow up healthy in this way.

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