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2021/09/21Vol.58 Started Cooing.

0-month-old daughter. One of New-born-photo.

 Our daughter started Cooing from around 1-month-and-a-half-old. Cooing is that several-months-old baby voicing out the sound such as “A⼀” or “U⼀” not yet being any words. It seems that as it sounded just like a pigeon coo and so it was named Cooing.

 This Cooing is said to be the voice that baby enjoys sounding out from baby’s own mouth. So, it is a play for the baby, and when in good mood baby enjoys Cooing.

 It means that my daughter who is Cooing all day long must be in good mood the whole day over every day. She seems to be enjoying her starting life already, and it is extremely gratifying thing for me as a parent as well.

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