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2021/08/19Vol.53 One month after Childbirth

Family gathering photo of 2-month-old daughter and 1-year-7-month-old son.

 One month has passed since the birth of my second child.
 These 1~2 months are called “Lying-in period,” and a puerpera (a woman in recovery period after giving birth to a baby) is told to fundamentally stay in bed and sleep except for caring the baby. In regard to this lying-in period, I would like to refer to it in details in next Megahealth News. I was also strongly instructed by public health nurses of public health center to fundamentally stay in bed and sleep.

 In fact, after giving birth to my first child, as I was not accustomed to child raising, I tackled my first child raising just by taking sleep and recovering my physical strength. However, now that for my second child, things are quite different. First, after giving birth to the second child, there is a reality of the vigorous first child running around. Mother must also cope with the first child no matter what. And I went for a walk with my first child 3 days after leaving the hospital.

 In such situation, what counts is the basic physical strength of the mother. If the mother does not have the physical strength, then all she can do is sleep. However, as I have fostered my physical strength by KINSHOKU, birthing-nurses of the maternity hospital have affirmed that “the level of the recovery speed was so fast that we have never seen before,” and I was able to move lightly than I expected. The fact that I was taking KINSHOKU myself before giving birth to the baby, I was delighted to find that its effect was also unintentionally useful to my family.

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