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2021/06/24Change of Business Days・Business Hours


 We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous patronage.

 In conformity with the revision of the law regarding recent working environment such as “Work style reform,” We will reconsider our Business days・Business hours as follows. We would like to ask your understanding for the inconvenience this may cause.

1. Date of Change: August 1. 2021 (Sunday)
2. (New) Business Hours: 11 am ~ 8 pm
3. (New) Business Days: Tuesday ~ Saturday
4. (New) Holidays: Sunday・Monday / Holidays・The year-end and New Year holidays

 Also in order to improve the convenience and to comply with the request of our customers, we are scheduled to open “Online Shop” to purchase our products through Internet shortly. And we are also preparing to accept credit cards for the payment of our products for the current order through telephone call or visiting our company. We would like to subsequently inform you of the specific time of the commencement of this service.

 In regard to this reconsideration of Business Days and Business Hours, we may cause inconvenience to you, however, all of the members of our enterprise are willing to promote our service improvement, and we would like to ask for your further patronage.

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