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2019/06/25vol.12 The Bed of Seed-fungi

 The first step of the growth of BIOTEC Kinshoku (Fungi-food) starts from inoculating Shigyo-Mycelium (Kou・Otsu) Strain into culture-medium. Seed-fungi being inoculated could be referred to as a baby of Kinshoku. However, what happens if the baby-bed, in which the baby rests, is contaminated? Lovable gem of a baby may rapidly loose vigor and fall ill. So, in order to avoid it, after filling culture-medium, which will be the bed for the seed-fungi baby, into the culture-bottle, we immediately put it in High-pressure-Sterilization-Equipment.
 High-Pressure-Sterilization-Equipment is an equipment, which completely sterilizes the culture-medium by pressuring over 100 degrees C. steam. In fact, “Sterilization” is much powerful than “Disinfection,” and it is indicated to extinct・eliminate every single microorganism possessing growth ability. Passing through this equipment, the bed for the seed-fungi baby to rest becomes spick-and-span and comfortable.
 Today, we have uploaded a moving-image of the process of bottling culture-medium, and putting it in High-pressure-Sterilization-Equipment. We will be delighted to have you view it.

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