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2020/05/14Overcoming Virus “Kin no Oshigoto Oboegaki (Fungi-function Memorandum)”!

Kin no Oshigoto Oboegaki (Fungi-function Memorandum)

 The food-division of our company, which is the fundamental enterprise ever since our foundation in 1984, has continuously advocated the necessity of mainly Kinshoku (Fungi-food)・Minerals definitely lacking in the present dietary habits. Kinshoku especially is the fundamental food to activate life-energy itself. This time, we have summarized the potency of our manufactured Kinshoku in one sheet. We cordially hope to have you read it. (only available Japanese version)

 Our company research-study・manufacture・sell valuable foods, which adjust physical balance, enhance metabolism, and combust life-energy under all environment. At present with the recent problem of a new Coronavirus, enhancement of immune-strength, maintenance of both mind and body health are highly valued. Here, we would like to introduce once again the function of Kinshoku.

 “Kin no Oshigoto Oboegaki (Fungi-function Memorandum)” here

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Above materials are also available in paper-form and distributed. If you would like to have it, please contact us.
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